Can A Toilet Unclog Itself ?

As like every other thing in the world, toilets are also not safe from the issues. However, the most common problem that we find in our toilets at some moment in our life is clogging. If you have a horrible experience in the bathroom, as you flush and nothing going down and dirty water starts popping out, and there was no plunger available there, then you have the question in mind: can a toilet unclog itself?

Will it unclog with time?

Most of the agents that cause your toilet to unclog are usually soluble in water. You may have a question in mind; what’s the link to this answer to my question but the link is clear as water-soluble things in a clog will dissolve in water with time and causes the toilet to unclog. In this way, the toilet will unclog itself.

But if the clog in your toilet is caused by an object, which is not human water or organic stuff, let’s say a big piece of plastic or metal, then, in this case, it is almost impossible for a toilet to unclog itself. So, if you have a toilet which gets opened by some inorganic thing, then you have to take some measures to like unclogging your toilet by yourself or calling a plumber.

How much time should be given to time to unclog itself?

It is advised to give at least 30 to 40 minutes to your toilet to unclog itself. Why give this time? The answer is very simple as we don’t know how big and tough the clog is. That’s why we have to wait for that time as in that time the clog may get dissolved in toilet water. Moreover, it is better to wait for a little more if you don’t get the expected result in that time.

What to do if my toilet isn’t unclogged by itself?

After a wait of some time, if the clog doesn’t get loose by itself, then you have to move forward. There are two options available to you at that point. One is to take the task into your own hands by applying some simple tricks and methods with or without chemical use like detergents available in the kitchen. However, the second option is very convenient, which is to call a plumber to solve the issue but. But it is advised to do it yourself before taking a plumber’s services. In this way, you will save a lot of cash.


In the end, we can say that you have to wait for some time to allow things to get dissolved in toilet water to unclog the toilet. But if this procedure doesn’t work, then you should have to do something to end this inconvenience. We hope that you have got your answer about can a toilet unclog itself now.

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