How To Flush A Toilet Without Running Water

Running water is easily assess able to everyone. Sometimes due to some circumstances like plumbing repairs, natural disaster water is no running, and you face a water shortage. It is challenging for everyone to use the washroom during water shortage because flushing toilet requires water.

One good thing about the flush is that it can count one more flush. When someone flushes the toilet, then a tank of toilet refills again. This function helps in one-time flush when water is not running.

 Here we provide you some methods that help you in flushing a toilet without running water.

Add water in the tank of the toilet

What’s needed

  • Water
  • Cup or water-tight container
  • Paper  towels


It is the appropriate method for flushing the toilet. In this method, you first need to remove the lid from the toilet tank. Now, after this, you will require a source of water. This is the simplest method that an older child can perform.

Now take a water-tight container that can be easily transported and fill it with water from any neighbor or any other source. You can also fill the box from the nearest pond, stream, and lake. All the sources are suitable for flushing toilets.

After collecting the water, the next step is to pour the water into the toilet tank. Use the paper toilet to dry the bathroom in case of water spills down. You can either fill the tank up to a plastic spout or 1 inch below the edge.

At last, the water required for flushing depends upon the model of the toilet.

Add water to a toilet bowl

What’s needed

  • Water
  • Plastic bucket
  • Paper  towels


When the water in the toilet tank is already flushed, you can flush it by adding water to the bowl. You can use the bucket or cups for doing this. You must know that a gallon is equivalent to sixteen cups.

After selecting the bucket next step is to find a source of water. If water is not finding from any source, then you can purchase it from a local store. Now, the important thing is to pour the water at once because it creates a necessary pressure to flush the toilet.

If you are not sure about the drain’s clogging, then add a small amount of water to check it. If a drain is working correctly, then add the water confidently without any hesitation.

You can open the lid to pour the water using a larger opening. Use the paper towel to dry the toilet when some water spills down. If you place the old towel before running water, then there is no need o a paper towel.

After this, you can check either you need another flush or water or not. If required, then repeat the same procedure. Lastly, find a specific place and place bucket there to use for next time.

Final words

At last, we conclude that be aware of any circumstances that result in a shortage of water. You must store some water in the bathroom or any other place. Stored water helps in flushing the toilet by using the methods that are discussed above.

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