How to increase toilet flush power (5 Simple Solutions)

Just think if you are in the bathroom and flush your toilet and then start flushing your toilet and notice that it isn’t flush and you do it again, and in two to three attempts, you succeed in flushing your toilet. But it’s not good to flush your toilet for more than one time to get the results of one-time flushing. It might be an indication of severe unclogging, which can happen shortly if you didn’t fix that slow flushing problem. You should learn how to increase the toilet flush power to fix this problem by yourself before taking a plumber’s services.

How To Increase Toilet Flush Power

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Make sure that your toilet is not clogged:

Maybe the problem you are facing is due to some clog in the toilet. So, to check if my toilet is clogged or no, just to put a gallon of water inside the toilet. If the water doesn’t flow down the toilet, then it indicates that there is a blockage in your toilet, which you can remove using an ordinary plunger or snake. But if the water is flushing like usual, then it is due to a tiny object which is causing restriction.

Check the fill line level of a toilet’s tank:

Before going on to learn how to increase toilet flush power, it is advised to examine the waterline of the toilet’s tank. For this, remove the tank’s cover to see the level of water inside it; if it is not okay, and then make adjustments to make it level. But if there is no problem with the water tank, then move on to the next step.

Clean toilet bowl flush holes:

Before directly going to find the problem inside the toilet, it is good to look for faults in the holes of the toilet’s bowl. Moreover, these holes are near the rim of a toilet bowl. But listen, guys, it’s a dirty task to put your hands over and inside the holes to loosen the object, which is causing any blockage in the holes of the toilet bowl. Most of the problems are in holes in the bowl, which reduces your toilet’s flushing power.

Clean out the toilet with bleach:

Initially, you have to shut off the toilet’s water tank supply. For this, check out the water pipe coming out of the wall or floor because you will definitely find the water supply valve there. Twist the knob on the valve to cut the water supply to the toilet’s tank; after that, put the gallon of bleach in the bathroom bowl.

After that, please wait for a short period, like 15 to 20 minutes, to give bleach enough time to show its magic. In that, we hope that blockages that are reducing the flushing efficiency of your toilet get removed by it after patience of some time. Now open the valve to allow the water tank to get filled by water for flushing the bleach. Do it 3 to 4 times in the next hour for the desired result.

Clean your toilet using vinegar:

This way of eliminating any problem causing poor flushing of your toilet is like an above-given method of using bleach. Similarly, after stopping the supply of water to the toilet tank, put the vinegar inside the toilet and wait for some time. After a wait of 25 to 30 minutes, open the water supply to the tank of the toilet and then flush the toilet a few times. Now, you are done.


After knowing how to increase toilet flush power, you have to implement what we have told you above. Additionally, it is better to apply these homely tricks to improve the flushing power of your toilet. Moreover, it can save your time to go and get a plumber to sort the toilet’s mess out. You can also save a decent amount of money if you do it by yourself.

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