How To Unclog Toilet When Nothing Works

We do not really care about our flushing toilet until it went wrong or malfunctions start. If a toilet has malfunction or clogs, then it can be more than a little frustrating. Moreover, the problem reaches its heights if a plunger is not there. Always remember that a wholly overloaded toilet can disturb your entire house. So, be always ready to tackle this issue.

In most cases, a clog is as simple as the drainage of rainwater. However, you may need to use an auger machine for plumbing. The simple clog of the toilet doesn’t demand expertise unclogging.

But some clogs are very deep inside the pipe, so unclogging might be challenging in that case. If it happens, then you have to call a plumber to solve that issue. Fortunately, we have some tips which you can try to avoid taking plumber services and saves a lot of bucks. Just have a look at these simple hacks.


How To use Plunger

The plunger is a primary but reliable tool for unclogging a toilet; this tool is ancient, and significance is still alive. Moreover, it is suitable for a household to have a plunge and perfect to have plunged with flange as they are exceptional for unclogging toilets.

The use of this tool is very straightforward. Firstly, place a plunge at the bowl of the toilet. After doing so, push it down slowly. Additionally, the first push should be to clear water and always keep in mind that don’t apply too much force on the plunge to avoid dirty water splash.

If you push the plunge in a harsh way, then chances are you get splashes of dirty water. Once you are done with the first gentle push of the plunger, then repeatedly push and pull it with maximum force until you get your work done.

After a short period of exercise, remove the plunge out of the toilet and then notice if the water is rushing down or not. If not, then do the whole process again until the clogs get lessen.

Vinegar and baking Soda:

Vinegar and baking Soda

If you haven’t any plunge in your house to unclog the toilet and your question is how to unclog a toilet without a plunger. The simple answer is you can use simple household use materials for unblocking the bathroom. Vinegar and baking soda are two none toxic ingredients that you can utilize for loosening the clog.

Have you previously heard that vinegar and baking soda are two great deodorizers that can be used for the smooth drainage of water? If yes, then you know their potential. Moreover, these everyday use ingredients are also beneficial when you want to unblock toilets if there is no plunger in your house. 

Now we will tell you how to unclog a toilet using the duo of baking soda and vinegar. Firstly, put in one cup of baking soda and then wait for a little while. Secondly, put two cups of vinegar afterward and again wait for some time.

If the baking soda and vinegar duo work effectively, then the bubbles will establish on the toilet. Finally, after patience of few minutes, flush the toilet. If the water drainage takes place, then you are done. But if not, then repeat the process a couple of times.

Hot water and dish soap:

Hot water and dish soap

Don’t you have a plunger and duo of baking soda and vinegar? Are you eager to clear the toilet’s clog with the simple use of hot water and dish soap, then this cheap and 100 percent working tip is for you.

Firstly, put the dish soap in liquid form insides the toilet and at the same time start boiling the water. When the water becomes extremely hot the with proper care, flush the toilet with this hot water slowly. After doing that, wait for a little while; this trick forces the clog to break.

Now flush the toilet; if the water drawing sucking starts, then congrats, you have done the job without spending any penny on unblocking the toilet.

The snake:

The best way to remove the clog or to break is to purchase the snake for the toilet. It cost only 50 to 100 dollars depends on the type and quality of the product. Moreover, this tool is very handy if you want to remove the clog, which is more profound than the toilet bowl.

You have to put this cable snake into the toilet as more profound as you can. It works by pulling out the material which is the culprit behind the clogg, or forces the clogg to flow down the channel. In both cases, you are the winner. Also, many plumbers only use this tool to unblock the toilet.

Household bleach:

Use Household bleach to unclog toilet

This process is similar to the dish wash and hot water trick. Just replace the dish wash with 2 to 3 full cups of bleach. After that, flow the water inside the toilet, wait for a while and let the process work. Finally, flush your toilet; if the water is flowing down at average speed, then the problem is over now.

Create The snake with a clothes hanger:

Create The snake with a clothes hanger

If you can buy the snake to cope with deep clogg inside the toilet, then there is a trick you can use to create a home made snake tool for unblocking the toilet. For this purpose, you only need a clothes hanger. First, break its one end and bring it in straight form after it is ready for operation.


We hope that these tricks work well for you. If these hacks work well, then you will save a lot of money. But money is not everything the important things is your convenience if our tips about how to unclog a toilet doesn’t work then we suggest you contact a plumber to solving the clog issue of your toilet.

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