How to clean toilet siphon jet

Everyone likes a neat toilet and dislikes the dirty one. That’s why it is necessary to clean the toilet properly. Water openings present on the bowl rim’s underside become clog and contaminated with mineral deposits and bacteria if it is not regularly cleaned. The formation of bacteria becomes a health concern while mineral deposits disturb the flow of water. So it is necessary to clean the siphon jets.

To clean your jets, first, use the mirror to check the jet for signs of dirt. After this, you can use duct tape, vinegar, bleach solution, scrubbing brush, and detergent.

What is Siphon jet ? How Siphon jet Work in Toilet ?

We flush the toilet by pushing the flush button. Water flows from the tank to the toilet bowl. Siphon jets are preset under the toilet rim, and their work is to hold extra water. Water flows from the toilet bowl due to the siphon jet. It also increases the efficiency of the flush.

How To Clean Toilet Siphon Jet

How To Clean Toilet Siphon Jet

Washing the bacteria from siphon jet

When adequate water is not flowing through the jet, then this causes bacteria’s growth on the toilet. You can get rid of this by the following process.

Cleaning the bacteria from outside

What material needed?

  • Container
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Hand brush
  • Rag
  • Disinfectant


  • Firstly, you have to note that where the bacterial ring is present. For this purpose, flush down the water.
  • Now, mix the vinegar and baking soda and make a thicker paste of this. Paste should be thick enough so that it can easily stick on the siphon jet.
  • Put this paste on all bacterial rings.
  • Now use the hand brush to scrub and check that paste comes into the holes of siphon jets.
  • Let it stand for half an hour.
  • For better results, scrub the paste again.
  • Now use the rag to wide it down and then use a mirror to check that all the bacteria are removed.
  • Lastly, clean up your toilet.

Cleaning the bacteria from inside

Sometimes bacteria are not present on the top, but they grow outside the siphon jet. Here we provide the procedure to get rid of bacteria that extend outside the siphon jet.


  • Firstly, empty the bowl that helps in placing the mirror. Now check that how dirty jets are.
  • Now insert a narrow brush or wire into the siphon jet and scrap it to remove deposits.
  • After this, apply the detergent and bleach on the siphon jet.
  • Allow it to stand for 15 minutes.
  • Lastly, clean the toilet’s underside by using the brush and check either the toilet is clean or not.

Washing the mineral deposits from siphon jet

If your water is hard, then you can get the mineral deposits on your siphon jet. These mineral deposits can be noticed when your toilet looks dirty after regular cleaning. You can get rid of this by using water softeners to get the soft water.

The method that is used for cleaning the mineral deposits is the use of vinegar. Here we provide the procedure for this method.

Cleaning with vinegar

What material needed?

  • Rubber gloves
  • Spray bottle containing white vinegar
  • Mirror
  • Brush
  • Detergent or disinfectant
  • Rubber gloves


  • Firstly, wear gloves. Then check the amount of dirt in your jet wholes by using the mirror.
  • If you feel vinegar smell too strong, then you can wear the mask.
  • Now take a cup of vinegar and boil it. Cool it a little bit and pours it into the spray bottle. You can also use a detergent or bleach solution in place of vinegar.
  • After this, spray the vinegar with special attention underneath the rim.
  • Allow it to stand for an hour.
  • After one hour, use the brush to scrub under the rim. Keep scrubbing around the rim until all the dirt is not removed from the siphon jet.
  • Lastly, you can check that either the toilet is wholly cleaned or not by using a mirror. If some dirt is present, then repeat the procedure for proper cleaning.

Cleaning the siphon jet using duct tape

You can also clean the siphon jet by using duct tape. Here we provide the method by which you can clean the siphon jet using duct tape.

What material needed?

  • Bucket
  • Duct tape
  • Vinegar
  • Mirror
  • Rags
  • Brush


  • Firstly, turn off the main water supply from where the water came into the toilet tanks.
  • Flush the toilet last time to clean it and remove the water from the bowl.
  • After this, check that no water is trickling down from the water tank.
  • Now you have two different options: first is that you can clean the bowl thoroughly. Simultaneously, the second option is that you can initiate the soak and afterward clean the bowl.
  • When a bowl of the toilet is moisture-free, to cover the water jets, tape the area below the bowl of the toilet. Hence more efficient process can be carried out.
  • After this water tank of the toilet is filled with vinegar and flushed. The duct tape will seal water; thus, the water jets and rim get soaked in vinegar until the tape is available there.
  • After letting it down for an hour or overnight, release the vinegar by removing the duct tape. Then scrub it gently and see either the dirt is appropriately removed or not.
  • Lastly, again open the water supply and flush it also to flow the clean water through jets.

Final words

In this article, we provide the methods How To Clean Toilet Siphon Jet. These methods will help you in proper cleaning. These methods work effectively for the removal of mineral dirt and bacteria from the siphon jet. If you apply these methods for cleaning the siphon jet, this can help clean your toilet longer. Also, these cleaning methods increase the lifetime of the toilets.

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